RCB for Responsible Investors

RCB goes beyond traditional ESG investing offering opportunities to purchase bonds that create real social impact.

The funds raised through RCB issues are helping to provide care for the elderly, supported housing for people with a learning disability, affordable homes, places of beauty – and more. The bonds are listed on London Stock Exchange and traded on the Order book for Retail Bonds.

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Charity: Golden Lane Housing

Issue Date: 22.07.2021

Issue Size: £15m

Coupon: 3.25%

Term: 10 Years

ISIN: XS2357539522

LSE ticker: MCP3

Bloomberg ticker: TBC

Charity: Greensleeves Homes Trust

Issue Date: 17.12.2020

Issue Size: £25m

Coupon: 5%

Term: 10 Years

ISIN: XS2250730749

LSE ticker: GHT2

Bloomberg ticker: RCHBLN 5 12/17/2030

Charity: The Alnwick Garden Trust

Issue Date: 27.03.2020

Issue Size: £18m

Coupon: 5%

Term: 10 Years

ISIN: XS2132997433

LSE ticker: AGT1

Bloomberg ticker: RCHBLN 5 03/27/2030

RCB Index

The index is directed only at persons having professional experience in matters relating to investments, and any investment or investment activity to which it relates is available only to such persons and will be engaged in only with such persons. Persons who do not have professional experience in matters relating to investments should not rely on it. Please refer to the terms and conditions of this website.


Total return

Returns are calculated using a daily holdings-based returns model, assuming all buys/sells occur at close of business. Returns include accrued interest, coupons and clean price, whilst daily returns are linked geometrically to form the overall return on the portfolio.

Gross redemption yield
Weighted average price

The spread takes into consideration the government curve and compares the underlying yield.



I am an individual investor

RCB bonds can be purchased through a stockbroker. Most popular brokers and online platforms will be able to help you with investing in new RCB issues or buying bonds in the secondary market.


I represent an institutional investor

Allia C&C can arrange secondary market trades and keep you informed of new issues and retained bond sales. Contact Allia C&C for more information.

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RCB has been supported by a range of institutional investors and brokers who have participated repeatedly on multiple issues.

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