The following statement has been published by Golden Lane Housing:

Golden Lane Housing recognises and understands that the coronavirus and its impact are of great concerns to our tenants, our staff, and our stakeholders. We would like to reassure you Golden Lane Housing has the plans, resources and resilience to ensure all our essential services remain operational. We are also continually monitoring developments in order to ensure that we remain agile and adaptable to the changing operating environment.

The safety and wellbeing of our tenants and our staff is absolutely our number one priority. As a housing provider and employer, we are clear that it is our duty to ensure we are doing everything we can to play our part in helping delay the spread of the virus, and protect tenants and colleagues as much as possible. We are closely reviewing the ongoing impact of the coronavirus, and the guidance issued by central government and Public Health England.

We have been proactive and taken decisive measures in response to the coronavirus, including:

  • The formation of a dedicated ‘Executive Coronavirus Planning Group,’ the focus of which is ensuring we have the correct protocols and response plans in place.
  • A review of our Business continuity plan, including enacting a closure of our Manchester office whilst ensuring that all staff have the capability to work from home and contactable by tenants and staff.
  • The creation of detailed operational level Contingency plans to ensure that we remain resilient and can continue to deliver essential services as the coronavirus escalates. This includes ensuring we can maintain core services such as essential and emergency repairs.
  • The creation of an organisational Communications plan, which embraces all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Providing regular updates and guidance to our staff on how to delay the spread of infection, including practicing good hygiene, minimising all non-essential face-to-face meetings and travel, as well as guidance around essential visits to services.

We are also working closely with our partners, and the wider housing and social care sector, to share best practice and collaborate on contingency planning to ensure we can continue to deliver essential services as the situation develops.

Our treasury policy requires the GLH to maintain a high level of liquidity at all times and as a consequence GLH is well placed during these challenging times. In addition to over £8m currently on short term deposit with various financial institutions we have £5m of undrawn committed loan facilities, which we are able to draw at short notice if required.

We will continue to maintain significant liquidity and continually monitor our financial situation carefully. Payment runs to suppliers are continuing as normal. We have procedures in place should there be any requirement for emergency payments outside our normal runs.

In this rapidly changing environment, we will continue to follow advice from government and Public Health England and share this with our tenants, staff, and stakeholders. We will put copies of our latest messages and updates on our website and on our social media accounts.

Twitter: @GoldenLaneHouse

We will, of course, provide a further update on any significant actions and decisions Golden Lane Housing has taken in response to events. The latest information and facts about the coronavirus (COVID-19) is available on the Government’s website.