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The Alnwick Garden is a 67-acre garden and visitor attraction in the North East of England. It is home to the world’s largest Tai Haku Cherry Orchard, a Grand Cascade comprising 120 water jets and the world’s largest Treehouse Restaurant. It is managed by The Alnwick Garden Trust, which reinvests its surpluses into its operations and delivery of its charitable objects.

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The Alnwick Garden Trust 5% fixed rate Bonds due 2030 will pay a fixed rate of interest of 5% per annum, payable twice yearly on 27 March and 27 September of each year. The Bonds are expected to mature on 27 March 2030 with a final legal maturity on 27 March 2032.

Issue date

27 March 2020

Expected maturity

27 March 2030

Final legal maturity

27 March 2032

Amount issued


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Payment dates

27 March, 27 September





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RCHBLN 5 03/27/2030

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Social impact

In addition to The Alnwick Garden itself, the Trust operates numerous award-winning community outreach programmes. These include:

  • Elderberries – supporting people aged 55 and over, particularly those who are lonely, isolated and some with early on-set dementia.
  • Grow Into Work – aimed at tackling unemployment and primarily working with young people to support their transition into work.
  • Roots and Shoots – working with schools to promote healthy lifestyles, teaching children how to maintain a garden through growing their own produce and using it to cook.
  • Young Gardeners – supporting children with additional needs, learning and behavioural difficulties along with their parents and carers.
  • Drugs Education – working with schools, youth groups, Pupil Referral Units, children in care and other relevant charities to deliver activities in order to tackle growing substance abuse issues.

Beyond the impact of these community programmes, the charity contributes significantly from an economic and social perspective to the wider region. Based on independent research, the Charity estimates that it contributed about £282 million to the local economy between 2002-2020, 40% of which was spent with local suppliers, and supported 2,800 jobs regionally.

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