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Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation is a housing charity that seeks to provide well-designed, good-quality housing for people on modest incomes who live or work in the City of Westminster and surrounding boroughs. It works closely with Westminster City Council in both determining the needs of those living and working in Westminster and planning to help meet those needs.

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The Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation 4.25% fixed rate Bonds due 2026 pay a fixed rate of interest of 4.25% per annum, payable twice yearly on 6 January and 6 July of each year. The Bonds are expected to mature on 6 July 2026 with a final legal maturity on 6 July 2028.

Issue date

06 July 2017

Expected maturity

06 July 2026

Final legal maturity

06 July 2028

Amount issued


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Payment dates

6 January, 6 July





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RCHBLN 4.25 07/06/2026

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Social impact

The Charity’s primary objective is to provide reasonable assistance in securing accommodation to workers in Westminster and neighbouring boroughs who cannot afford market housing and may be stuck in the trap of high rental costs and unstable tenancies.

The majority of the Charity’s affordable housing is intermediate rental homes. These homes provide stable tenancies at a range of rents affordable to households earning less than the affordable housing incomes limits set annually by the Mayor of London.

The Charity also provides a smaller number of homes at affordable and social rent that are subject to nominations by the local authority, and owns and lets a portfolio of homes for those with a more acute housing need.

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